2020 Introduced Ordinances

  • Ordinance 17-2020 (PDF): An ordinance adopting a redevelopment plan for the Pine Plaza Mall, as set forth on the Tax Map of the Township. Pine Plaza Redevelopment Plan (PDF) Letter to Nearby Residents (PDF)
  • Ordinance 18-2020 (PDF): An ordinance establishing a new Chapter 258 of the Code of the Township entitled 'Regulations Governing the Performance of Tree Work by Commercial Tree Services'
  • Ordinance 19-2020 (PDF): An ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance 17-2019 and Chapter 61 of the Code of the Township entitled 'Salaries and Compensation; Personnel Policies' which establishes regulations and rates of compensation for the officers and full-time and part-time civilian non-union employees of the Township of Hanover.