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  • Thanks for providing this platform.
    Before Covid, there was a truck in the Public Works yard where residents could come and bring trash. This made it convenient if you had larger items that didn't fit in the can, or if you missed a pickup and had too much trash. It also eliminated the need to call Public Works for a special pickup in some cases.
    Can we put this truck back in place for the residents?
    • We can no longer accept at the garage - we need to keep a secure yard for the fuel system. We also had people dumping illegally as we do not have available personnel to be in the yard all day to monitor what items are brought in. Contractors were also trying to bring in items instead of getting a dumpster for household renovations. Scheduling curbside helps us keep things under control. Thanks.
      • Brian Foran, Superintendent of Public Works & Committeeman Ron Francioli
  • Respectfully asking why is every other town able to fix and put in tennis courts/pickleball courts for the adults in their community but Hanover cannot find a way to do this.  This was addressed at a Recreation Committee meeting with no resolution.  The courts at Malapardis are not only a waste but an embarrassment.  There are other options also besides professionally constructed courts.  As a compromise, there are plastic tiles that some condo developments in Whippany have that would probably cost much less.  When will these courts be usable?
    • Hello, thank you for your question! The Hanover Township Recreation Commission is committed to providing our residents with outstanding recreational facilities. Unfortunately, fixing the Malapardis tennis courts requires more time and money than originally anticipated in 2019 when the project was begun. However, the Hanover Township Committee is currently investigating several options to get the Malapaprdis courts operational this year. In addition, the tennis court at Monroe Hall is lined for pickleball and there are two pickleball courts at Black Brook. Hopefully, this will give you a few options as we begin our upgrade.

      • Denise M. Brennan, Superintendent of Recreation & Parks Administration & Committeeman Michael Mihalko

  • Nothing urgent - would it be possible to add a Volleyball camp/program for teens this summer?

  • Hello, thank you for your question! For Summer 2023, there will be a one-week Wildcat Volleyball Camp the week of July 31 – through August 4 from 9 a.m. to noon. Location to be determined. The WPHS volleyball coach runs the program which is sponsored by  The Hanover Township Recreation Department.

    The camp is open to Hanover Township residents entering grades 4 through 8 in September 2023. More information will be available online after April 3, 2023. If you are interested in a camp for older students, you would need to contact Whippany Park High School. I hope this information helps!

    • Denise M. Brennan, Superintendent of Recreation & Parks Administration & Committeeman Michael Mihalko

  • When Pine Plaza was demolished, the traffic light at the Route 10 entrance was changed from triggering the light when a car or pedestrian needed to cross the highway, to a periodic timer now so that the light turns red for route 10 traffic very often (Too often!), usually with no one at either the jug handle or on the Pine Plaza side. I'm sure anyone in our town who regularly drives on route 10 has been part of the 20 to 30 cars on each side having to stop and wait for nothing, WASTING our time and expensive gasoline for... What reason? Since it doesn't look like anything will happen at the Pine Plaza site anytime soon, if nothing changes for the next few years there, we will be wasting energy and spewing the extra exhaust that occurs when accelerating from a stopped condition, as opposed to the lesser exhaust when driving through that light at highway speeds. Does the county or state require this light to be on a short timer? If we can't go back to an 'On-Demand' system, can the Town Committee make a request to at least extend the length of time for green on route 10 to something more reasonable like 5 or 10 minutes?
    • Thank you for your inquiry. The traffic signal you noted at the intersection of Route 10 and the Pine Plaza Driveway/Route Westbound jughandle is under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The Township has contacted the NJDOT regarding the current signal operations. The NJDOT was aware of the faulty signal operation and we are working with the NJDOT to rectify the situation.
      • Gerardo Maceira, Township Engineer & Committeeman John Ferramosca
  • What is holding the construction on Pine Plaza and is there a hotel included in the plan?
    • The hold-up on construction was due to an important Green Acres/State-owned easement on the property that was required to be moved by the property owner. The property owner has now taken the appropriate steps to go through the State House Commission and received approval to adjust what is known as the "Patriots Path" easement on the property. A hotel is not planned for the site. The developer is putting up better fencing and moving the equipment from the front of the site and we anticipate the project proceeding with retail and residential development this summer.
      • Mayor Thomas "Ace" Gallagher

  • Through the “Ask Your Governing Body” link on the Township’s website, the Township Committee has received comments either for, or in opposition to the one-way traffic pattern at the end of Forest Way leading to The American Road. As I will not be at the April 27, 2023, Township Committee meeting, I am asking the governing body to defer discussion and receive comments about this important issue at the next open, public conference meeting on May 11, 2023. While I fully realize and understand that members of the public may still appear at the April 27, 2023 meeting to voice their opinion, I think the subject in question is so important that it should be fully discussed when all five members of the governing body are present. Thank you for your consideration and understanding,
    • Mayor Thomas “Ace” Gallagher
  • Since when did the recycling ctr close at 2:45 on Wed.? It use to be 3:45. And the employee parking lot was empty by 3:10. They are not open on thurs, close early on Fri now they leave early on Wed. I don’t understand as a tax payer how their hours calculate?
    • The Recycling Center has been closing at 2:45 for a few years now during the week, as the worker needs to lock everything up and clean up. We also close at 12:45 on Saturdays to lock and clean up. The Township established new hours of operation several years ago so we start at 6:30 am and go home at 3:00 pm. Thanks.
      • Brian Foran, Superintendent of Public Works

  • I would like to know if the committee would consider changing the intersection of South Jefferson and Eden Lane. Presently, going east on Eden Lane at the intersection there are 2 lanes. The left lane is left turn to proceed toward Route 10 or continue straight across on Eden Lane. The right lane is for right turns only. The majority of drivers will either turn left or continue straight across. This particular question was asked at a previous committee meeting and the mayor at that time said no because turning right on red was not advisable. It is understandable to designate this intersection no right on red but that should not prevent changing the traffic pattern to left turn only and the right lane for right turns or proceeding straight across the intersection. There are at least 5 intersections in town that are designated no right on red. Traffic tends to back up at this light. Thank you for your consideration.
    • The request to change the lane assignments for eastbound Eden Lane at South Jefferson Road has been asked several times in the past. The Engineering Department, the Police Department and an independent Traffic Engineering Consultant have all agreed that it is not recommended to change the eastbound approach on Eden Lane from a [Right, Thru/Left] configuration to a [Thru/Right, Left] configuration due to a restricted sightline between the westbound left turn movement and the eastbound thru movement that would be created. Unfortunately, this intersection differs from most due to its unique geometry because westbound Eden Lane intersects South Jefferson Road at an angle and not perpendicular thereby creating sightline issues. The current configuration eliminates those issues. 
      • David W. Leo P.E., Assistant Township Engineer
  • What is the status of “Pine Plaza” now that Patriots' Path has been rectified? Nothing seems to be started as they were in a hurry to clear the land. I am very interested to know the upcoming news on this area. Does the town have any idea as to what the anchor store may be. When will the living areas begin construction?
    What is the status of the empty real estate (bldgs) on Rte 10. Have they been fined yet for the disgrace of the bldgs. - making our town look dumpy as heck. Someone should be a watchdog on these empty bldgs and their violations to make sure that there is accountability.
    • With respect to Pine Plaza/Towne Center Development, it is my understanding that the developer has submitted a revised concept plan to the Planning Board which will be considered by the Board at its May 23, 2023 meeting. The issue to be discussed will be whether the revised submission requires amended approval or a new application in the context of the definition of "amended approval" contained in Section 166-4. of Chapter 166 of the Code of the Township entitled Land Use and Development Legislation. The determination by ordinance is to be made by the Planning Board. Perhaps, you may want to attend the May 23rd meeting to obtain more information. As of this writing, the Township has no information as to what an anchor store might be. With respect to the proposed 60 market rate townhouse units, once the developer has the formal approval of the NJDEP with respect to the replacement of the easement, he will be able to start as long as he complies with any outstanding Township requirements. Your second question concerns several of the vacant commercial properties on Route 10. You ask when they will be fined. Just because a building is vacant does not mean there are violations. If the Building Department determined that a vacant structure had violations, they would act immediately and take whatever action is deemed necessary and appropriate. The Township does not like to see these buildings stand vacant. We want them occupied and provide services to our residents and the public in general. Unfortunately, market conditions are not favorable with interest rates continuing to increase which has a direct effect on the ability of a developer to secure financing. Finally, if you believe that certain vacant buildings have alleged violations, you need to bring that information to the attention of Sean Donlon, Construction Official/Zoning Officer so that he can investigate. I trust the above information addresses your inquiries. Thank you and best regards. 
      • Joseph A. Giorgio, Business Administrator
  • I noticed work being done at the vacant gas station on the corner of Route 10 and Whippany Road, can you update please on what are the plans for this lot?
    • The work being done currently is limited to the demolition of the gas pump canopy and other existing improvements.

      The Planning Board approved an application for an unspecified retail use (possibly a food service establishment) in 2020 to:

      • a. Remove a portion at the rear of the existing gas station building, the existing pump canopy, concrete slab and freestanding sign.

      • b. Renovate repurpose the remainder of the existing building, with a new exterior façade, entrance canopy, closure of the service bay doors, new windows and doors, a roof parapet and new floor layout.

      • c. Construct an outdoor dining area for up to 34 seats at the rear of the building within a fence enclosure.

      • d. Reconfigure the curbing and pavement areas, with a revised parking and circulation layout.

      • e. Install a freestanding sign near the street intersection and two wall-mounted signs, on the front and east side of the building.

      • f. Other related improvements.

    • Blais Brancheau, Township Planner

  • Hello, I have been experiencing a significant number of low flying aircraft directly over the roof of my house, less than 300 or 200 feet. It is very disturbing to experience. I have attempted to resolve this with Morristown airport with no success. This is prior to the 5-23 runway closure. I understand additional safe aircraft over the community due to runway renovations. Is the township concerned with low flying aircraft over the community?
    • There is a temporary change in air patterns due to the ongoing runway rehabilitation project at the Morristown Airport.

      One of the main runways is currently closed and scheduled to be reopened on August 10th

      Updates on the work & schedule can be found here (we also share this on our website):

  • How do I find out about the road paving plans for Hanover Township? Is it posted on the Hanover Township web page? What committee/ department is responsible for deciding which roads are paved when? Are residents notified in advance? Thank you!
    • The 2023 Road Resurfacing Plan & details about the process can be found in a press release here on the Township website: (link archived)
  • I am just wondering-- Repaving Reynolds Avenue was scheduled for the Spring/Summer of 2023. So far, no indication of when this work will be performed. Do you have any information about when we might expect it to begin? Thank you for this platform with which we can express our concerns!
    • The Township received bids for the resurfacing of Reynolds Avenue on Tuesday, October 3. We currently are reviewing the bids to ensure compliance with Local Public Contracts Law and anticipate making an award to the lowest responsible bidder at the next Township Committee meeting on Thursday, October 12th.

      We will then have a meeting with the contractor and have more information on the anticipated construction schedule.

      • Gerardo Maceira, Township Engineer & Committeeman John Ferramosca