Certified Copies

Birth & Death Certificates

Certified copies of Birth and Death Certificates can be requested for individuals who were born or who died in Hanover Township. 

Marriage & Civil Union Certificates

Once you are united in marriage or a civil union partnership, you should have at least one certified copy of your Marriage or Civil Union certificate. This certificate can only be issued by the municipality in which the legal ceremony was performed.  Certified copies are available in Hanover Township for a cost of $25 each and $2 each additional. Cash or check only.

Ordering Certificates

Use this form (PDF) to request a certified copy of your desired certificates. This is a multi-purpose form used by the State of New Jersey for any request for vital records. When you fill it out, please be sure to indicate exactly what you are requesting.


If you have any questions, please phone 973-515-6667 or send an email to the Health Department.