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Advisory to Residents – Improperly Abandoned Septic Systems

Abandoned septic systems (including septic tanks, seepage pits, dry wells, cesspools, and dosing tanks) must be pumped of all waste and then either removed or filled in completely with gravel, stones, or clean soil which is void of vegetative matter or wood.

With the construction of the Township’s sewerage facilities over fifty (50) years ago, many property owners abandoned their septic systems.  If your home was initially built with a septic system, you should ensure it was abandoned per the procedure noted above.  Abandoned septic systems not property-filled run the risk of caving in.  This could cause an extremely serious condition.  Some seepage pits built within the Township may be deeper than twenty feet.  Depressions in either the front, side, or rear yard may indicate the presence of a septic system on the verge of possible collapse.

If you have any additional questions, contact the Health Department at 973-515-6640.

Miscellaneous Health Topics & Information:

Safe Syringe Disposal Programs

It is NEVER acceptable to throw syringes into curbside trash or recycling, even when they are placed in a heavy-duty plastic container. There are several ways to dispose of your syringe medical waste. You may participate in a hospital syringe program or you may contact a mail away vendor. See the attached flyer (PDF) for proper ways to dispose of syringes.