Sanitation Equipment & Containers

New Automated Trucks

The Township is now able to collect double the sanitation than it did with non-automated trucks. These new trucks only require one driver to operate it rather than three employees on a conventional rear-load vehicle. This allows for better operational efficiency and productivity, so that the Township can better deploy its manpower and reduce employee injuries.

Assigned Containers

The automated sanitation trucks can only collect trash from containers designed with the truck’s lifting mechanism. Each household has been assigned one 95-gallon or one 60-gallon container with wheels.

The containers are the property of the Township of Hanover and must remain with the residential unit. Sanitation placed in any other kind of container or in plastic garbage bags that are not in the new containers will not be collected.

Damage to Containers

If a container is damaged and rendered unusable because it is not properly maintained by the household, the cost of a replacement container will be charged to the property owner or the renter.

Additional Containers

Households wishing to purchase an additional trash bin may do so through the General Office at the Municipal Building (1000 Route 10) at the following cost:

Containers Size
32 Gallons
60 Gallons
95 Gallons

If you need your new container delivered, we can do that for you.