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Mozelle Forman is an award-winning pastel artist based in Long Branch, NJ.  Her work has been exhibited at various galleries in the New York and New Jersey area, including solo shows at the Waltuch Gallery in Tenafly and the Long Branch Public Library, the Watchung Gallery, The Salmagundi Club in New York City, the Art Alliance in Red Bank, and the Gaelen Gallery in West Orange.  

Mozelle’s passion to create began early in her life but only recently found its expression in pastel paintings.  Her career as a clinical social worker, has informed her art with an infusion of empathy, feeling at one with the nature she is depicting.  “I look at a scene and paint what it makes me feel hoping to evoke some feeling in the viewer.  There is beauty everywhere in our world; we have to choose to see it.   This has always been my mantra in my own life and in my clinical practice.  I bring that lifelong philosophy into my paintings.”  

The artist’s body of work focuses on the landscape, endeavoring to capture the majesty and splendor found in nature utilizing the captivating colors of pastels. “Pastel is a misunderstood medium sometimes mistaken for chalk or for the oil pastels we used in elementary school.  In fact, pastels use the same pigments found in oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint, mixed with binder and rolled into a vibrant, versatile stick.  It allows the artist to create exquisite marks that suggest and depict a scene.” 

You can view and purchase Mozelle’s artwork on Instagram @mozelle.forman or her website

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