Affordable Housing Opportunities

“26 Parsippany Road” Development in Hanover NJ Affordable Rentals - Now Accepting Applications! - Visit to apply

There are no waitlists or applications available for any proposed or pending (not-yet-built) locations.

Please check below for all current locations with applications and waitlists. (Click on either 'Purchase Units' or 'Rental Units')

You should put your name on as many waiting lists as possible when looking for affordable housing. Waiting lists are not shared between towns, housing developments, administrative agents, etc., and fill up very quickly, so putting your name on all available lists will increase your chances of finding housing.

Other Affordable Housing Opportunities in NJ:

Current Income Limits For Applicants

Affordable Housing Opportunities - Printable Handout

  1. Purchase Units
  2. Rental Units

Affordable purchase units are available at the four properties listed below. Information on how to apply can be found below under the ’Prospective Owners’ heading.

  • Eden Lane - Boxwood Court (Off Eden Lane), Whippany
  • Hanover Hills - Vista Drive (Off Ridgedale Avenue), Cedar Knolls
  • Oak Ridge - Whippanong Way (Corner of Whippany Road & Parsippany Road), Whippany
  • Sunrise at Hanover - Sunrise Drive (Off Parsippany Road), Whippany

All of our purchase units are non-age-restricted.

Housing Partnership

Effective August 1, 2018, we have contracted with the Housing Partnership to administer all of the Township’s affordable purchase units. This includes the application and waitlist processes, unit and owner compliance and tracking, re-sales, and re-finances.

Prospective Owners

Please contact the Housing Partnership and request to be added to their "Interested Parties List" by calling Carol Mugele at 973-659-9222 extension 302 or by filling out the pre-application form online. The Township does not have paper pre-applications, you must contact Housing Partnership to be added to the list. Once on the "Interested Parties List," you will begin to receive notifications about available homes. To be eligible to apply for the homes, you will be required to first take a HUD-approved Homebuyer Education workshop. More information about the workshop can be found on the Housing Partnership’s website.

Current Owners

If you wish to sell, please email the Housing Partnership or call 973-659-9222 and indicate your desire to sell your property.  Housing Partnership will provide you with the maximum resale price, an intent to sell form, and the proper procedures for selling your property. The Partnership’s fee for this service, including securing a buyer and assuring that you and the buyer comply with all state regulations and guidelines, is 1.25 percent of the selling price.

If you wish to refinance or take out a home equity loan, you must first contact the Housing Partnership as the Administrative Agent. In order to bring your home into compliance with the New Jersey State Affordable Housing Regulations, N.J.A.C. 5:80-26.1et.seq, you will need to apply to the Housing Partnership, who determines your eligibility to proceed. You may not refinance any greater than 95 percent of your maximum resale price. Since this transaction must be filed with the County you will need to provide a $75 check or money order made out to the Housing Partnership to cover the cost of recording. Send an email or call 973-659-9222 before contacting a lender!

Remember, your unit must be your primary residence. You may not rent out your unit.

If you fear foreclosure or have difficulty paying your mortgage, you may wish to contact the Housing Partnership’s foreclosure intervention office at 973-659-1414 for free foreclosure counseling and guidance on the NJ HomeKeeper Program for the unemployed and other available programs.

State Housing Assistance Information

Please contact the State of New Jersey for more information about these programs.
  • - New Jersey renters, landlords, and homeowners seeking information on the latest housing rules, assistance grants, legal assistance, or help working out a rental repayment plan can find answers on this website. The one-stop website includes a toll-free phone number, 888-691-3002, that New Jerseyans can call to be connected with Volunteer Lawyers for Justice for legal help dealing with eviction filings, or with members of community group partners that can act as mediators if a tenant needs help working out a deal with a landlord to pay back rent in arrears without going to court.
  • New Jersey Department of Community Affairs - Assistance includes the following programs: Emergency Housing Grants, Homelessness Prevention, Section 8, State Rental Assistance Program (RAP)
  • New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) - Assistance includes the following programs: Down Payment Assistance (DPA), Foreclosure Mediation Assistance, various mortgage options
  • New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC) - NJHRC is a FREE, online searchable registry of affordable and accessible housing units throughout the State of New Jersey

On January 10, 2022, Governor Murphy announced the opening of a Statewide Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program list. For more information, please visit the NJ Department of Community Affairs website.

Please contact the Morris County Housing Authority for more information about these federal / HUD programs and Section 8.

Phone: (973) 540-0389



Morris County Housing Authority

99 Ketch Road

Morristown, NJ 07960