Krista DiGiorgio

Administration Department
Title: Township Clerk
Phone: 973-428-2466
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Ms. DiGiorgio was appointed as the Township Clerk in January 2022. The Township Clerk has many roles, she is the Secretary of the Municipal Corporation and Governing Body. She attends all meetings of the Governing Body and helps prepare agendas, resolutions, and ordinances. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections and Chief Registrar of the voters within Hanover Township and is responsible for the acceptance and issuance of applications and licenses, except where state statute or municipal ordinance has delegated that responsibility to some other municipal officer.  She serves as Coordinator and Records Manager and performs such other duties as imposed by state statute or by municipal ordinance. In addition, Ms. DiGiorgio oversees the day-to-day operations of the Township’s General Office. 

Work History

Ms. DiGiorgio began her career for the Township in May 2012 as an Assistant Control Clerk in the Building and Zoning Department. In September 2013, Ms. DiGiorgio was promoted and appointed to the position of Executive Secretary to Joseph Giorgio, and in February 2016, she was elevated to the post of Executive Assistant to the Business Administrator/Township Clerk and then as Deputy Township Clerk/General Office Supervisor in 2021. Ms. DiGiorgio became certified as a Registered Municipal Clerk in 2019 through Rutgers University.     


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