Kimberly A. Bongiorno, LUA

Planning/Board of Adjustment
Title: Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Secretary
Phone: 973-428-2461

Many of Ms. Bongiorno's duties and responsibilities are statutorily required by the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law. Some of the duties include, but are not limited to the following: acceptance of applications and plans for development; maintenance of all records and files including applications, preparation of Board minutes, correspondence, memoranda, reports and plans. She collects fees and maintains various escrow accounts. As Board secretary, she monitors the statutory time limits on development applications; prepares and/or coordinates legal notices for publication, prepares the agendas of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment; and coordinates the distribution of Board correspondence to the public, attorneys, staff consultants and expert witnesses.

Work History
A graduate of the Academy and College of Saint Elizabeth, Ms. Bongiorno has served as the Township's secretary to both Boards since March, 2003. She is a certified Planning Board & Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary and Land Use Administrator. 

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